Tips to choose the perfume that goes with you

5 Tips to choose the perfume that goes with you

Choosing a good perfume is very important. If you have ever doubted that the perfume complements your clothes, your appearance or makeup then you should choose a carefully so that the effect is the best and you feel great.

A fragrance must go with your personality and your skin. Here we will give you some tips so you know how to choose the perfume that best suits you for every occasion so that you can take advantage of all its characteristics.

1. First you must know the different types of perfume


The variety is infinite, but it can be said that most perfumes can be classified as citrus, woody, floral or fruit.

In citrus perfumes, such as Acqua di Gioia, for example, from Armani, lemon aromas of Amalfi and mint predominate. They are light and fresh, ideal to use during the day, especially in spring or summer.

In fruity perfumes, as its name indicates, sweet fruity notes predominate. This category includes very famous perfumes, such as J'Adore by Christian Dior or Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana.

Woody perfumes include notes of cedar or other woods. In general they are used more for parties or other formal night events, and are ideal for winter use.

Finally, the floral perfumes contain notes of vanilla and exotic spices, amber and musk. They are intense and sweet perumes, also ideal to use at night, in autumn and winter.

2. Then test them correctly on your skin

Once you have known the different types of perfume, you have to know what is the right way to test them on your skin.

Did you know that a perfume is composed of high, medium and low notes and to perceive them all you need at least 40 minutes?

Yes, the top notes are the most volatile fragrances, the aromas that are first noticed, after applying the perfume on your skin. But you should not let yourself be carried away by this first impression to decide if a perfume you like or not. You still have not had time to appreciate the middle notes or the low ones.

A few minutes after the perfume has been absorbed by the skin appear the middle notes, the "perfume heart". They are notes that have lighter molecules and will appear approximately 10 minutes after the application.

And finally, after about 40 minutes, the lower notes appear, which are what will set the perfume on your skin. They are the most persistent aromas, which will be felt for a long time, approximately six hours.

Each skin is different and therefore each perfume can be felt differently in each person. That's why it's important to know how a certain perfume smells applied to your own skin to know if you really like how you fit.

3. Choose the right version for every occasion

When you read the label of a person you will notice that some say "Eau de toilette" and in others "Eau de parfum". The "eau de toilette" is a version with more volatile notes, when you put it on and walk away you will leave a soft trail of fragrance that can be perceived at a certain distance from you.

It is a good idea to use this type of perfume during the day, in informal occasions.

The "eau de parfum" has not so volatile notes and therefore to perceive your fragrance, another person would have to approach few centimeters. It is used in more formal and special occasions, in general it is not used daily.

4. Perfumes according to your personality

It is said that citrus fragrances are ideal for dynamic people, easy to deal with. If you are very active (and) and in general you are always in a good mood, these would be ideal fragrances for you.

Woody perfumes are recommended for sensible people, with mental clarity and floral ones for sweet and romantic girls.

Although in reality there are no strict rules of course. You just have to use the perfume that you like the most, if you think it's going with you.

5. Perfumes according to the season of the year

We have already mentioned it above, but we will mention it again. Citrus or floral perfumes, sweet and fresh, are often used in the summer, due to their refreshing effect.

This is because the ambient temperature has an effect on the perfume. A fresh scent is light and refreshing in summer, but too strong an aroma could produce a bad impression or rejection.

On the other hand, woody or amber scents adapt better to winter climates. When it is cold, a citrus or fresh perfume may intensify the feeling of cold. On the other hand, a woody perfume will surely feel better than a cool one during the winter.
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