Keys to make your perfume last longer

6 Keys to make your perfume last longer

If you feel that your fragrance fades shortly after applying it, we tell you what to do so that you smell delicious all day...
Moisturize your skin
The best time to put on perfume is right after bathing, when the steam has opened your pores, followed by applying moisturizing cream. The more hydrated your skin is, the longer your perfume will last. This is why we are more sensitive to fragrances in the summer heat.
Spray it on your clothes
One way to make the perfume last longer is to spray it on your blouse, coat or your leather jacket. But apply it directly on your skin, is what will give the special element to your fragrance.
Choose an oily formula
Those that are composed of oil are definitely the ones that last longer because they penetrate the skin and are less volatile, although the subtlety of the fragrance will not be the same as that of a perfume made from water (eau de parfum).
Use strong fragrances
You do not have to change the perfume, but the next time you look for one, check those that mix notes of wood or stronger.
Apply it in other places of your body
In addition to the wrists and neck, place it on your ankles, and behind the knees. In this way, the fragrance will rise through the bloodstream and spread throughout your body.
Store it in a cool place
Perfumes distort their smell when they are exposed to light and heat or extreme cold, so the bathroom or refrigerator are not good spaces to store it. The ideal place can be your closet.
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