Discover the best perfume according to your personality

Discover the best perfume according to your personality

Every day it is clearer that perfumes produce beneficial effects on our physical and mental wellbeing. It is scientifically proven that the power of the aromas lead us to a more pleasant state of mind and is that we are slightly carried away by a good aroma or a good perfume.

If we are in bad mood or have some pain, perfuming can become a therapy, giving us greater satisfaction and relaxation.

Companies such as Armani and Estée Lauder have carried out various studies that demonstrate the enormous potential of essences and fragrances in our moods. The impact of perfume on the stress hormone "cortisol" and on the immune system has been studied, demonstrating the ability to increase levels of relaxation and feelings of well-being such as happiness, pleasure, love or inner peace, according to the perceived essence .

A certain perfume can smell different in each person, since it influences the amount of water in the skin, body temperature, sebaceous secretion and the pH of the skin.

Tips to choose the indicated perfume:

• Buy the perfume during the morning because the smell is more sensitive.

• Do not use any perfume the day you buy your fragrance, thus avoiding mixtures or some olfactory reference.

• Do not try more than 3 perfumes.

• Smell the perfume at a distance, not directly from the container. If you do it on the skin, apply the fragrance on the wrists and do not rub it with the other, because you destroy the smell and it evaporates before.

• Do not get carried away by how the perfume smells in another person, because the personal chemistry transforms it.

The perfume we use reveals the character we have. We are changing aromas mainly according to our mood and time of day. Generally in the mornings we use a milder fragrance and in the night one clearly more intense.

The perfume according to your personality:

Modern: Do you enjoy changing your image and in your closet informal clothes prevail, with lots of color and originals? Do you wear blouses and pants with flowers or stripes? For you are the warm aromas with exotic notes. Suggestion: Eternity {Calvin Klein} or Happy {Clinique}.

Youth: Do jeans, long dresses, white shirts, flat shoes or colored sandals predominate in your closet? Your perfume should have natural fragrances, with citrus and floral accords. Suggestions: Tommy Girl {Tommy Hilfiger} or 360 {Perry Ellis}.

Seductive: Do you have a particular charm about men? Suggestions: Fantasy {Britney Spears}, Ari {Ariana Grande}, Emporio {Giorgio Armani} or Bombshell {Victoria's Secret}.

Happy: Are you an optimistic woman and do you look at them with a smile? Your perfume should be floral and fresh at the same time. Fragrances with energy. Suggestions: Light Blue {Dolce Gabbana} or Aqua di Gioia {Giorgio Armani}.

Classical: Are you a woman who dresses formally? You usually wear jackets, combine blouses with straight pants and have two-piece suits or dresses tailors. Your perfume should have floral extracts, vanilla infusions, intense wood odors and others. Suggestions: Chanel No. 5 {Chanel} or Coco Mademoiselle {Chanel}.

Sports: Do you enjoy life outdoors? Are you the one who enjoys sports and the countryside? Look for a perfume with citrus, herbal and fresh essences. Suggestions: CK 1 Summer {Calvin Klein}, Touch of Pink {Lacoste} or Bright Crystals {Versace}.

Sensitive, dreamer: Are you thirsty for adventure, exploring new places, new ways of living and enjoying to the fullest? Look for soft, fruity and floral scents that transmit freshness, warmth, sensuality and transparency. Suggestions: Candy {Prada}, Can Can {Paris Hilton} or Angel {Thierry Mugler}.

Prudent, disciplined: Is your character formal and sensible? Suggestions: Chance Eau Fraiche {Chanel} or Omnia Paraiba {Bvlgari}.

Perfumes according to your character can be defined as:

• Citrus perfumes: For simple people and athletes who live with serenity.

• Floral perfumes: For romantic, sensitive and dreamy women.

• Fruity perfumes: Affectionate and spontaneous women.

• Perfumes with composition of Oriental and exotic aromas: Women with determination, determination, fighters and seducers.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, perfume is a "substance that is used to give a good smell to people or things". However, the perfume reveals many facets of the personality and the fragrances give us sensations of mystery, passion, love, joy, attraction and others.

Now that you have the tip to choose the right perfume for your personality, acquire the one you want according to your characteristics and feel unique, projecting an image of security towards yourself and towards others.
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