Why use stainless steel rollerballs instead of plastic?

Why use stainless steel rollerballs instead of plastic?

If you’ve made an order for a 1/3 ounces roll-on fragance, you have probably noticed that Elixir Extracts uses stainless steel rollerballs. We are so excited to use these surgical-grade stainless steel rollerballs for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, the stainless steel balls are more sanitary. We want to ensure that we are giving our customers a high-quality product that will last, just like our essences.

Stainless steel rollerballs tend to hold up over time better than plastic. One common complaint we received about the plastic rollerballs was that they would get stuck or clogged. When the plastic ball gets stuck, it can cause scratches to the surface of your skin, which eventually can lead to a rash. With the stainless steel rollerballs, you don’t have to worry about scratches since it rolls over your skin smoothly every time.

If the rollerball gets clogged, it could potentially change the scent and integrity of the oil. We are currently developing new products that will come out shortly that comply with our quality standards in order to give you a better satisfaction of our products.

Another thing we noticed about the plastic rollerballs was that over time the plastic rollers would dispense less oil. This explains why it feels like such a drastic change in the amount of oil that is dispensed with the stainless steel roll-ons. While we can’t control how the oil comes out of our rollerballs, we want our customers to keep conservation in mind. Instead of rolling the oil essence all the way up and down your arm, a small roll of oil followed by rubbing your forearms together will activate the scent. Or even just a dab on each arm will do!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and packaging to be more beneficial to our customers as well as environmentally-friendly. We believe that using stainless steel is one way we can do both!

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